Tuesday, March 19, 2013

House + Home: Spring Cleaning!

That's right...I SPIRNG CLEANED and it feels so good!!! Has anyone else done any cleaning lately? I've never been more excited about cleaning in my life. I've been married for five years now and we have accumulated so many things in such little time.

It's always good to get things in order and get organized. I haven't created any invites or been in touch with my craftiness since having my daughter. I'm long overdue for getting back to doing the things I love!

Old clothes, tons of shoes, purses and bags that I haven't used, baby girl's clothes from her first year, stuffed animals and so much more out the door!

I look forward to a wonderful spring, full of nice weather, bright bold colors and getting back into the swing of things. Spring 2013 here I come!

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